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The Inbetweeners MovieThe Inbetweeners Movie
iMDB Rating: 6.8
Date Released : 17 August 2011
Genre : Comedy
Stars : James Buckley, Blake Harrison, Joe Thomas, Simon Bird
Movie Quality : HDrip
Format : MKV
Size : 700 MB

Best friends Will McKenzie, Simon Cooper, Jay Cartwright and Neil Sutherland – who are not among the social outcasts, but also not cool enough to hang out with the cool kids who they aspire to be – have just graduated from their suburban London high school. Simon has finally been able to get Carli D’Amato, who he has been in love with since they were children, to be his girlfriend. Largely because they will be going away to different schools in the fall, Carli breaks up with him. To get Simon’s singularly focused mind off Carli, his three best mates decide to take him on vacation for two weeks to get some sun, sand and girls before they move onto the next chapter of their lives in the fall. Neil makes the decision for them to go to Malia on the isle of Crete, a popular summer tourist destination for many a Brit. Jay, with inheritance money in hand, believes he can have the pick of any girl he wants. Neil has to decide what constitutes not cheating on his girlfriend, Nicole. Will wants…

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Review :

Does what it says on the tin

This is the first review of ever been compelled to write – it's a direct result of having read some reviews in the media slating this film for not 'moving on the characters' etc…

As a huge fan of the TV series I was very nervous about how this film would go prior to it's release I told people 'I hope it's not the usual feature film formula – they go away, have fun, fall out, and reconcile for the final party' – I must say, and it won't spoil the film for anyone when I do, that's exactly what happens….but done with such brilliance no one will mind.

As has been stated by other reviewers the film is no more than an extended episode of the TV show – but when you 4 such perfect characters that is exactly how it should be. The cinema I watched it in was packed (with people of both genders and all ages) and in stitches from start to finish. The film, like the series, is so close to the truth regarding being 17/18 and the rubbish you get up to that you can't help but be dragged into the world of Neil, Jay, Simon and Will.

A wonderful ending to a wonderful series – the world is a sadder place without this comedy and, more importantly, these four characters.

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